August 26, 2014


Writing is one of the most critical aspects of academic development. It impacts all levels of communication and the learning process.  

Children who are learning to write with an improper grip are experiencing hand cramps, stressed muscles and sore fingers. Compounding the issue, children may be experiencing added challenges such as underdeveloped hand and arm muscles, sensory sensitivities, and fine motor delay.

Beyond the physical ramifications, writing with an improper grip can interrupt cognitive flow. A child’s level of concentration and ability to generate content for the page can be halted or slowed.

Learning to write is challenging enough without these added barriers!

Luckily, there are a couple tricks of the trade.

To start, teach and reinforce The Tripod Grip. Using this as a foundation will increase the potential for a lifetime of comfortable and controlled writing.

Also, using a pencil grip is a cost effective tool. With its ergonomic shape and gentle yet structured material, The Pencil Grip easily guides fingers into the Tripod Grip. Pencil grips provide the comfort and support that relieve the hands and open the doors for optimized brain function.

Remember: mastering the proper grip allows children to focus on the content of their writing instead of their pencil.

Check out our link to Correct and Incorrect Handwriting Positions located in the "Pages" menu (top right).


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