May 21, 2015

Memorial Day 2015

     Looking for something new and innovative for you and the kids to do this Memorial Day Weekend? Whether rain or shine these actives will engage the brain creatively, pave a way for patriotic conversations, and open a barrel of fun. This weekend is reserved for a time to appreciate the ones who have fallen in order to give us the chance to enjoy the freedom we have. Some fun facts to highlight this occasion stem from Waterloo N.Y May 5th 1866 where for the first time, businesses closed their doors so that everyone could lay American flags next to the graves of the fallen. Then in 1971, Congress chose to move the holiday to the last Monday in May in order to provide a 3 days weekend for the public. So in remembrance of the brave men and women of our Country, take some time and enjoy the company of friends and family with fun activates like Egg-Carton Uncle Sam, or building your own Patriotic Wind Sock!

To the Fallen, Thank you for your service. 

Egg-Carton Uncle Sam

Patriotic Wind Sock

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