June 2, 2015

Fine Motor Skills

Do you remember the first time you showed your mom or dad how you can tie your shoes all by yourself? There’s a lot more going on than just a boosted ego for a kid when they are able to tie their own shoes. Believe it or not, the ability to tie a shoe relates to the level of fine motor skill a child possesses. But why is that so important?

During the summer it can be tough to get kids to keep up their fine motor practice when the great out-doors call their name. However, the need for continual practice proves vital for a child’s confidence as well as their success in the academic world. Fine motor skills ranges from the ability to button a shirt, typing on a keyboard, to writing and drawing. As I’m sure you may know, getting a kid to sit down and write an essay during the summer is like trying to give a cat a bath. So how can a parent bring the fun to an essential part in a child’s development? Here are a few helpful hints:

Fine motor skills and creativity combined! - http://therapyfunzone.net/blog/fine-motor-wiffle-ball-creatures/

Try Painting a little flower with a tiny sponge! - http://therapyfunzone.net/blog/painting-with-tiny-sponges/

Have some free wall space? Try a marble maze! - http://therapyfunzone.net/blog/wall-marble-maze/

While we are still on the marble craze, try this! - http://therapyfunzone.net/blog/game-made-with-golf-tees-and-marbles/

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