June 30, 2015

Water Play!

Summer is here…the birds are chirping, bicycle bells ringing, and children are squealing…the sounds of summer have finally arrived. Along with summer come the high temperatures and hopefully some backyard fun!

How can a parent encourage learning and outdoor fun for the kids? What if you want to keep cool? You’re in luck! There are hundreds of wonderful activities that combine sensory play and a little science, but we have narrowed the selection down to a few winners:

1) Ice Boats
This fun and unique activity allows for a cheap way to spend the day letting the little ones race their ice boats around while they slowly melt into bright fantastic colors.

2) Ice World
The activity brings the arctic world to your own backyard. This ice world sets the stage for a creative atmosphere where the imagination runs wild.

3) Magic Ice
Notice a theme? This gem of an activity brings the world of a laboratory into the safe summer outdoor experience. Using the same method of the baking soda and vinegar volcano, the magic ice bubbles and stews as the vinegar hits the surface of the baking soda filled ice.  

4) Good’ol Water balloons.
Not only are they a summer classic, but they can serve as fine motor practice for the kids! Under-fill the water balloon slightly and stretch out the base of the balloon and have a water balloon tying lesson. This activity will increase their fine motor skills as well as reduce the time it takes to tie all those suckers!!

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