June 8, 2015

Critically Important Play

There’s common knowledge circulating through the vast network of parents that support the idea that play is an essential part of a child’s development. But have we ever stopped to think about what those benefits actually entail? Studies specifically focusing on the effect of play in children support the claims that play aids in developing social skills, complex problem solving skills, and increased attention in class. “Engaging in play serves a critical role in young children's social, affective and cognitive development.” (Jeffrey M. Halperin, Ph.D) This time of imaginative play give the child an opportunity to explore the recesses of their mind and express it to the world.

Imaginative play doesn't only aid the child in expressing themselves, it also aids in parent-child relationships. When a parent chooses to partake in the imaginative world of the child, the parent is blessed with being able to see what is inside their son or daughter’s mind. This then allows the parents to guide and suggest what is moral and immoral in a safe playful atmosphere. So, the next time you see your kid building a fort out of blankets, or crafting a rocket-ship out of Legos, roll up your sleeves and dive on in to their world of imagination. 

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