September 21, 2016

Clothespin Airplane Craft

Clothespin Airplane

Brought to you by:

1.   Craft sticks
2.   Large clothespins
3.   Kwik Stix
4.   Glue dots
5.   White craft clue
6.   Scissors

1.   Use Kwik Stix to begin painting your craft sticks.
2.   Cut a craft stick in half, then cut off the rounded end. Cut one side of the rounded end off to use for the vertical tail. You can get two tail wings from one craft stick.
3.   Place the surface that you want the glue dot to stick to (in this case, the craft stick for the wing) onto the dot that’s still on the plastic backing. Press then lift. The glue dot will peel off the plastic backing and stay on your surface.
4.   Now press the craft stick, glue dot side down, onto the top of the clothespin. Repeat this for a second wing on the bottom of the clothespin. You can use 4 sticks total if you like, or just 2.
5.   Use a glue dot to attach the horizontal tail wing to the back of the clothespin.
6.   Press the flat edge of the vertical tail wing into the glue dot and pull it off the plastic backing, then press it onto the horizontal tail wing.
7.    If you need to you can add white glue to any or all of the craft sticks to make them last longer.

You are now ready for take-off!

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