May 5, 2017

Mother’s Day Flower Pots

                   Mother’s Day Flower Pots
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With Mother’s Day fast approaching, it is sometimes difficult to find that perfect gift to show your Mom just how much you care. Moms love to receive gifts with a little meaning behind them. Give her the gift of colorful flower pots with your own artwork on it using Kwik Stix. Not to mention, with the use of Kwik Stix, your flower pots will not only look beautiful, but they will dry in 90 seconds.

·         Supplies:

  •     Terra cotta pots (4 inch size pots.)
  •     Kwix Stix (Classic or Neon colors – the brighter the better!)
  •     Make It Last Spray Sealer (Available at Jo-Ann’s)

·         Directions

o   Butterfly: Use the black Kwik Stix to draw the butterfly body on the outside of the pot

o    Begin by drawing two thumb sized oval circles for the upper wings directly onto the pot. Then start right below the upper wings, draw slightly smaller circles for the lower body. Choose your desired color to paint the body of your butterfly

o    Bumblebee: Use the yellow Kwix Stix to coat your index finger and press onto the outside of the pot. Each fingerprint will be the bee’s body. Use a black Kwik Stix to add eyes (dots), antennae, and stripes on to the body

o    Sealing: Shake the can and spray an even coat all over the pot. This is the most important step because it will prevent moisture and keep your artwork in tact!

Thanks to momalwaysfindsout for this great content and Happy Mother's Day!

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