May 31, 2017

Apple-licious Paper Plates

                                                                      Apple-licious Paper Plates

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An apple a day keeps the doctor away! Using paper plates for crafts is simple and really inexpensive. They are great for practicing cutting skills and it only took one plate to make this apple craft. It is very imaginative and you can proudly display on your art wall once you are finished!


o       Mini Paper Plate
o      Scissors
o      Kwik Stix in Red, Green & Black
o      Sponge or Paint Brush
o      Pencil with Eraser or Marker
o      Glue


1.       Cut an arc out of each side of the mini paper plate to create an apple-core shape
2.       The cutout pieces become your apple’s leaves
3.       Apply the red color along the top and bottom edges of your apple
4.       Use the black Kwix Stix in black to stamp three seeds into the center of your apple core
5.       Paint the leaves green. Let dry.
6.       Finish by gluing both leaves to the back of your apple

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