June 14, 2017

Paper Lantern 4th of July Style

  Paper Lantern 4th of July Style

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Here is a fun Kid’s Craft for your upcoming 4th of July Festivities-Summer Paper Lanterns, 4th of July Style.

o   Kwik Stix in Red, White, and Blue
o   Ultra Safe Scissors
o   Ruler
o   White 8 x 11 blank paper
o   Glue Stick
o   Stapler

1. Color one entire 8 x 11 piece of paper with the red Kwik Stix and do the same on another sheet using the blue color. Allow to dry for 90 seconds
2. Using the Ultra Safe Scissors, cut out 6-8 star shapes
3. Cut two wide long strips of the blue paper
4. Then cut short strips of the red paper in a wave like design measuring about 1-2  inches  (Make sure to save one for the handle)
5. Lay them together before you begin gluing. As you arrange the red strips on the blue strips, make sure they don’t hang over the ends of the blue strips
6. Once the red and blue pieces have dried, freely place the star shapes on the red strips as your heart desires
7. Glue both top and bottom blue strips together.

8.    Using the last red strip, place it on top of lantern and staple each end to both sides of the lantern

9.    Pin or hang up as festive decorations around the house!

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