October 28, 2016

Halloween Craft Idea

Painted Monster Rocks
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You can create so many different Halloween monsters and fun Halloween word art on your painted rocks. Paint the rocks however you like. Create silly monster faces or fun Halloween words. A tip for drawing: Write or draw slowly so you get nice clean lines on the bumpy rock surfaces.
·         Small rocks – about 2-3″ in diameter
·         Kwik Stix
·         Thin Stix
·         Googly eyes
·         Craft glue

1.    Paint the rocks with a layer of whatever Kwik Stix color you’d like. Make sure to cover the rock thoroughly. If you paint too thick, it will take longer to dry. Allow to dry completely – about 90 seconds!
2.    Use the white Thin Stix to draw any white designs – allow to dry about a minute.
3.    Use the Black thin Stix to draw in details
4.    Add googly eyes with the glue or draw some of your own!

Happy Halloween!!

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