February 16, 2017

President Lincoln & Washington Toilet Paper Roll Craft

President Lincoln & Washington Toilet Paper Roll Craft

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  • Supplies:
    • Two Toilet Paper Rolls
    • Kwik Stix/Thin Stix
    • Googly Eyes
    • Glue
    • Construction Paper
    • Cotton Stuffing

  • Directions:
    1. Paint your George Washington toilet paper tube ALL dark blue and let dry. Paint your Lincoln toilet paper tube ALL black and let dry.
    2. Use a flesh colored paint (or paper) to paint on a face on each president.
    3. For your Lincoln toilet paper tube, paint a white "V" under the face for his shirt. For Washington, paint a white collar as you see above with some squiggly lines below and fill them in to represent the frill of his shirt.
    4. Using a small dab of glue or glue dots, add a pair of mini googly eyes to each president.
    5. Paint a thin smile on each president.
    6. Accessorize Lincoln! For his beard you can glue on small pieces of yarn or cut a squiggly piece of paper like we did for his beard. For his hat, you'll just need one black circle, and a piece of black paper rolled up and taped! Attach the hat together with glue and lay on the top of the toilet paper tube. Now he's complete!
    7. Accessorize Washington! All he needs is a big wad of cotton stuffing placed inside the top of his "head" and flowing out for his wig!

Happy President's Day!

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