June 15, 2016

Father's Day Cards

 Father’s Day Cards
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What you need:

ü Kwik Stix  (assorted colors)
ü 2 White sheets of paper
ü Paper plate

How to:

1.    Use Kwik Stix to paint a coloring page with a Father’s Day theme.
2.    When you are finished painting, cut the words out. This is the front of your card.
3.    Fold a blank sheet of paper so that it is the same width of your cut out words. Trim paper to the width of the front of the card.
4.    Write a message on the inside of the card.
5.    Attach the front of the card to the back.

Tip: To create a sturdier card, use a paper plate or light cardboard as backing to the front and back of your card.

How to:

1.    With a blank sheet of white paper, fold each side so that they meet in the middle. (Landscape orientation)
2.    Next, fold the top of the touching corners to create the collar of the shirt
3.    Use Kwik Stix to paint the shirt. Add details your own details!

4.    Write your message on the inside of the card.

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