June 22, 2016

Summer fun!

Summer is here and the kids are out of school! Instead of the kids watching tv or playing video games all day, let’s get them out and about! There are so many great activities that you can do as a family that the kids will enjoy!

                   i.      Making cookies for ice cream sandwiches
1.      It’s starting to get really hot out there and what sounds better than a yummy ice cream sandwich!?  Make some cookies, put some ice cream between two cookies, and you’ve got yourself a perfect summer treat! This works with both store bought and homemade cookie dough.
                   ii.      Visit a museum you have never been to
1.      Museums can be a fun way for kids to continue learning even when they are out of school! Find a local museum that sounds fun and interesting for the whole family. It’ll be fun learning new things together!
                   iii.      Have a water balloon fight
1.      This is something that the kids will especially love and it is a perfect way to keep cool during the hot summer! Make teams and let the fun, competitive side in all of you come out!


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